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Iran Raps US’ Provocative Military Deployment to Persian Gulf

Iran Raps US’ Provocative Military Deployment to Persian Gulf

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson slammed as “destabilizing and provocative” the US’ decision to dispatch a new fleet of fighter jets to the Persian Gulf, stressing that Iran has the right to show a reaction in ordder to ensure maritime and aviation security in the region

Asked about Washington’s announcement about sending a new fleet of F-16 warplanes to the Persian Gulf, Nasser Kanaani said at a press conference on Monday that the US has never had a peaceful and constructive role in regional security.

“Such (American) measures and moves could create new sensitivities in the region in the strategic sphere of the Persian Gulf and inflame insecurity and instability,” he warned.

Highlighting Iran’s sensitivity to the “provocative and illegal” actions near its borders, the spokesman said, “Considering the control and capabilities of its armed forces in regard to navigation and aviation security in the Persian Gulf region, Iran reserves the right to make the necessary deterrent arrangements in compliance with international law’s rules and regulations, and will exercise its inalienable rights accordingly.”

He cautioned the US government to avoid provocative measures because regional security is a common concern for all countries in the region.

“Security is an integrated matter whose deepening requires collective cooperation in the region. The other neighbors are expected to mind their responsibilities as well,” he concluded.

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