Iran developing Pars-2 satellite: Official

Tehran, IRNA – Head of the Iranian Space Agency Hassan Salariyeh says the process of building the Pars-2 satellite has started in cooperation between Iran Electronics Industries and the Iranian Space Research Center.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have announced and started the development of several micro- and mini-satellites,” Salariyeh said at a press conference on Wednesday, marking the beginning of the national Space Week.

“The development of Pars-2 and Pars-3 satellites has started in cooperation with Iran Electronics Industries and Iranian Space Research Center,” he said, explaining that the development of the Pars-3 satellite is in the preliminary design phase.

The remarks came a week after Iran successfully launched Nour-3 imaging satellite into orbit, as the country moves ahead with plans to expand the use of satellites for research and management activities.

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