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Canada MUST Stand Up for the Iranian Protesters

My name is Shabnam Assadollahi and I am an award-winning Canadian of Iranian origin and a former child prisoner of Evin prison in Islamic Republic occupied Iran.

As you are aware, Iranians are once again in the streets demanding for their basic rights, economic justice, democracy, and an end to injustice and dictatorship. I am deeply concerned about the situation in Iran as the protests against the Islamic republic are taking place in multiple cities including Tehran. Iranians are demanding freedom from the oppressive regime that murders them in the streets and are met by guns and ammunition. Islamic police security forces in full gear attacked today’s Iran protests by shop owners in the capital. While the Islamic security forces are hitting locals, those who are watching from the other side of the street cry out “don’t hit them!”

Bazaar merchants in Arak city also went on strike and closed shop in reaction to the Iranian currency hitting an all-time low of 333.000 Iranian Riyals to the USD. Some marketers have closed their shops in protest. Based on the videos received, the protests are ongoing and the police are acting violently.

Security forces of the Islamic republic attack protesters in Isfahan as teachers, political prisoners and retirees are on strike. Protesters chanted anti-regime slogans and gathered in front of a regime building before facing a crackdown.

People in Ahvaz join nationwide Iran Protests amid protests spreading to other cities of Iran. As of now, four metropolitan cities in Iran, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Ahvaz face large crowds of protesters who are chanting anti-regime slogans.

Iranian retirees go on nationwide strike protesting over social injustice under the Islamic Republic dictatorship. In Shiraz protesters chant anti-regime slogans including “Reza Shah, Bless Your Soul”.

On June 12, in Tehran, Iran, locals rallied outside the Electricity Department in Tehranpars chanting “Water, electricity and life is our inalienable right!”

Iranian boxing champion Reza Moradkhani was shot by Iran regime security forces four times after they harassed his wife for “improper hijab.” Mr. Reza Moradkhani ‘s ten months old infant was pepper sprayed. This is the REAL Islamic Republic occupied Iran.

Seven greater Tehran’s prisoners are scheduled to be transferred to Evin Prison to have their four fingers amputated and more prisoners are awaiting amputation in Iranian prisons across Iran at risk of such medieval  punishment by this UN member. The regime in Iran also threatens the Iranian protesters with the possibility of inhumane punishments like amputation.

The Islamic Republic made amendments to its gun laws and accordingly three groups of their security forces got the rights to carry arms. The announcement was made today by Iran regime’s Chief of Police for Discipline, Sirus Fathi, who said the first group that can carry guns according to the new amendment are “well-educated Basij (terrorist Jehadi) members”.  Fathi added the other two groups that can carry guns are some retired members of Islamic armed forces and others who work in their free times in one of the two former organizations.

You must also be aware that the outlaw regime in Iran has shut down Internet access amid protests. The Islamic regime’s Special Forces are shooting, killing, and beating everyone they get their hands on and have so far killed thousands of protesters.

The above were just a few examples of ongoing 42 years of injustices in Iran.

Your government is claiming to be a “defender of human rights, equality, and justice”, then why is Canada silent?

The Ontario Supreme court ruled the downing of the Ukrainian plane, flight PS752, a deliberate terrorist act by the IRGC, what has your government done in support of the ruling?

A tyrannical regime which kills, mass murders, kidnaps and tortures its own people to serve and export its Islamic Revolution ideology is not a safe place for anyone in the world — why has Canada become a safe haven for supporters of terrorist organizations such as the IRGC, the mother of Qods Forces and Hezbollah?!

I am a voter who cares a lot about Canada’s policy with respect to my homeland, Iran and this is what I expect Canada’s government to do:

(1) Issue a statement explicitly in support of Iran’s protesters.  The statement should also put Iran regime officials on notice that they will be criminally responsible for any violations of human rights;

(2) Exert all possible pressure in international fora to force Iran to give its citizens unrestricted access to the internet; and

(3) Designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.  Your government committed to taking this action in 2018, and I expect you to deliver on this promise.

As written above, I and many like minded Canadian voters will be closely watching your actions on this file and will base our future votes on how you stand up for Iran’s protesters and act as a true Canadian.


Shabnam Assadollahi, Human Right Activist, Former Child prisoner of Evin Prison,

Ottawa, Ontario

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. — John Adams

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